Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I had a good day

Trudeau took a famous walk in the snow one February evening in 1984 and announced his resignation the next day.
H. V. Nelles, A Little History of Canada, p. 241

Mr. Trudeau told reporters yesterday and made the decision to put an end to almost 16 years in office after a long, solitary walk Tuesday night through a blinding Ottawa blizzard.

"I had a good day yesterday, worked on aboriginal rights, and it seemed like a good day to have a last day. . . . I had a good day. It was a great walk in the snow. I went to judo, felt very combative, and here I am."

His announcement caught friends and foes by surprise. Both NDP Leader Edward Broadbent and Conservative Leader Brian Mulroney were in Florida for the week-long Commons recess, and their staff scrambled to produce statements of comment. Mr. Mulromey placed a personal call of good wishes to Mr. Trudeau.
Charlotte Montgomery and Thomas Walkom, "Pierre Trudeau steps down: New leader likely by end of June." The Globe & Mail. Thursday, March 1, 1984, p. A1

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